Gloriously Gold Flatware


Rose Gold Flatware by West Elm ($39 for a 5-pice set)

While we’re on the topic of gold things, I wanted to share with you my latest want/obsession that I spend way too much time thinking about. GOLD FLATWARE. When Jon and I were picking out items for our wedding registry last year, I came across the gold flatware from West Elm (below) and nearly died. So pretty! I already told you gold is my favorite color right? I didn’t even know flatware could be gold! Wasn’t it supposed to be silver? I imagine having gold flatware makes it feel even more awesome to eat food. You’d probably start eating things like pizza and french fries with a fork and knife.

We didn’t end up registering for or receiving any gold flatware, but I still frequently returned to the West Elm site to drool. AND THEN. Two weeks ago, I saw they now have ROSE GOLD flatware (above)! You guys, rose gold is like my top top top most favorite thing ever. My wedding rings are rose gold, as are Jon’s. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to afford $500 worth of flatware, but someday I’d really like to make that happen. As I sat down to write this post, I came across quite a few more gold flatware sets, so I included a little round up below. I love the sleek & modern styles, but part of me also wants to have an ornate, vintage looking set too. Good to know that both exist. How about you? Do you like this gold flatware trend?


Gold Flatware by West Elm ($29 for a 5-piece set)


Oslo Gold Flatware by Canvas ($70 for a 5-piece set)


Wallace Gold Plate Flatware Set via Overstock ($170 for an 80-piece set)


Almoco Flatware Set from Design Within Reach ($50 for a 5-piece set)


Crown Royal Gold Flatware set via Overstock ($83 for a 21-piece set)


Diane von Furstenberg “Night” Flatware Set for Neiman Marcus ($80 for a 5-piece set)

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