Here we go…

Welcome to my fancy new blog! Some of you will remember I actually started Saylormade as a food blog 2 years ago. I had a whopping 5 posts before I lost interest. Oh well! Here I am again, and I’ve reinvented Saylormade as a personal/lifestyle blog. I’ll still be sharing some recipes, but that’s not all I have planned.

If I can be a little honest (and I guess that’s the point of having a personal blog), I’ve been getting a little bored lately. Bored with New York, bored with my routines, bored with my life. I don’t feel bad about it – these things happen! But no more! I’m done! I am capable of much more happiness & adventure, and I must do what I am capable of. That’s been the theme of my 2013 so far, and that’s the real reason I started this blog. It will push me – to have new experiences, to share with the world, to make new friends, to fall in love with nyc all over again.

You can read a little more about me here. I hope you’ll stop by regularly!


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