Date Night! Chinatown & the Williamsburg Bridge

This past Saturday was mine and Jon’s 6-month wedding anniversary. We deed it! We wanted to have a little budget-friendly date night to celebrate so we decided to hop around Chinatown which is a neighborhood we don’t get to explore very often. It’s so much fun to explore new nooks & crannies in New York. Even in a city as large and fabulous as this one, it’s easy to get bogged down in monotony. Creating new experiences reminds me why I love New York in the first place!

The past 6 months have been the best of my life! I’ve loved my husband for the past 7.5 years, but am only recently unearthing in our marriage an even deeper and wider love. He is my best friend and favorite person on this earth. He’s the thing in my life that I’m most proud of and I cannot wait to embark on a new adventure with him (which I hope to share more details of very soon)! So to celebrate our lil half-anniversary, we got some dumplings & ice cream and walked across the Williamsburg bridge. We had a really fun time, and have the photos to prove it!

IMG_8674 copy IMG_8611 copy

IMG_8621 copyIMG_8613 copyIMG_8616 copy

(lots of selfies here! that’s what happens when you’re just a two-some!)

IMG_8626 copy

IMG_8627 copy

IMG_8630 copyIMG_8634 copy

(we ate at the veggie dim sum house and got way too much food! but it was delicious! my favorite was the watercress dumplings)

IMG_8635 copyIMG_8636 copy

IMG_8647 copy

(i guess this is my ice cream face!)

IMG_8655 copy

(on our way to the bridge, we saw this dog who was wearing a t-shirt, sneakers & a baseball cap! obsessed!)

IMG_8661 copyIMG_8664 copyIMG_8663 copy

IMG_8671 copy

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