The Neatest Lash Curling Trick I’ve Ever Seen

The Neatest Lash Curling Trick I’ve Ever Seen Beauty Department has a pretty nifty lash curling secret over on their site – you can read the full post here. I just felt like sharing because I came across it last week and omg it is super awesome and totally works! Even if it’s a weekend and I don’t feel like wearing much makeup, or I only have 2 mins to do something with my face, I always, always, always curl my lashes and give them a good coat of mascara. That, a little tinted moisturizer, some blush and lip balm are really all I need to feel instantly better.

Have you spent much time on their website? It’s full of amazing make-up advice, the best ever hair tutorials, and all kinds of other little tricks & tips to help your beauty routine. I could spend hours browsing, and have. Here are just a few of my favorite posts of theirs:

(Photo Credit: Amy Nadine, graphic design by Eunice Chun for The Beauty Department)

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